ROCK REMOVAL |Serving The Muskoka & Georgian Bay Area’s

Castle Contracting is pleased to offer expert rock removal, drilling, and blasting services for Muskoka, Georgian Bay, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and surrounding areas.


It is impossible to complete a landscaping project, build a new home or cottage, or even lay down a vegetable garden if you have large rocks obstructing your way.


Removing surface rocks, or drilling down to remove buried rocks, is no small task – it can even be dangerous. Excavating areas in the Canadian Shield are particularly challenging, and often best left to professionals.



Whether you need to excavate to begin building your dream getaway cottage, move rocks from the area to create a road, prepare your property for landscaping, clear the way for a new driveway, or drill for a new septic system, Castle Contracting will provide the experienced crew and the heavy machinery required to complete your job.


Even island properties are no problem for Castle Contracting, as we have a barge available to transport the necessary equipment.


We will provide excavators, bobcats, tippers, rock loaders, and whatever equipment is necessary to get your rock removal done efficiently, cleanly, and quickly.


Castle Contracting is appropriately licensed and insured for rock removal, drilling, and blasting.


Contact Castle Contracting to arrange for a site visit and quote today.